Model:ABS Permanent antistatic enhancement DGK-G10KJD89

ABS Permanent antistatic enhancement

Product application field

Machine parts, textile equipment, etc..

Product introduction
Manufacturer (origin) Xindegao science and technology Grade DGK-G10KJD89 Processing level Injection grade
Feature level Reinforced, antistatic
Use level Household electrical appliance parts Sales Homegrown
Brand Xindegao
Technical parameter
  • ABS/DGK-G10KJD89

    Xindegao science and technology

  • manufacturing enterprise:Xindegao science and technology

Specification Glass fiber reinforced Appearance color
purpose Machine fittings, textile equipment、Antistatic
Remark 10% glass fiber, Shrinkage stability, small size change, low warpage, excellent processability, good surface properties and so on
③Raw material technical data
Performance item Test condition[state] Test method Test data Data unit
physical property density ASTM D-792 1.18 g/cm
Mechanical property tensile strength ASTM D-638 80 MPa
elongation at break ASTM D-638 3 %
bending strength ASTM D-790 90 MPa
Cantilever beam Notched impact strength ASTM D-256 8 kJ/m²
thermal property Thermal deformation temperature ASTM D-648 103
UL 94Flame retardancy HB
其它 injection molding temperature range 180-240
Injection molding temperature 40-60 ℃/hr
Filler 10 %
Electrical performance Dielectric strength ASTM D-149 16 KV/mm
Surface resistance ASTM D-257 1*108-11 Ω
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