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Yuyao Xinde plastic high technology Co. Ltd. 

Services in the mold plastic, automotive electronics, aviation parts, military products, textile machinery accessories, household appliances and other well-known enterprises in the industry

Yuyao Deke Plastics Technology Co., Ltd. founded a joint-stock enterprise, the company was founded in August 1999, purchase a wide range of Poly Road; and East China University of Technology as a strong post - Shield in plastic modification research and development, production and sale of comprehensive trade enterprise. The service of mold plastics, automotive electronics, aerospace components, military products, textile machinery parts, household appliances Well-known enterprises and other industries.

The company under the strong technical force, has many years engaged in the production of modified plastics professional and technical personnel and skilled production staff. Is equipped with technologically advanced twin-screw granulation unit and common single - Screw machine dyeing workshops, is now producing ten series of plastic: conductive plastic, antistatic, cold, light, anti-UV, alloy plastic, flame-retardant resin, toughening modification, wear-resistant plastic, anti - High and low temperature plastics. Varieties are: ABS PP PC PPS PEI POM PE PC / ABS PC / PBT POM / molybdenum disulfide, PA plus molybdenum disulfide, and enhancements.

We also offer (U.S. DuPont, the United States Philips, GE, Dow, Japan, Bao Li, Japan, Mitsui, Japan ink, Japanese Mitsubishi, Idemitsu, Japan, Emperor People, Asahi Kasei, Japan, Toray, Japan, Ube, France Atto, Germany, BASF, Bayer, Germany, South Korea LG, etc.) various types of domestic and foreign manufacturers, such as: PEEK, PI, PEI, PPS, LCP, PET, PSU, PES, ASA, PA12, PA1010,, PC, TPE, TPEE, TPX, TPO, PBT,, PVDF, PTFE, POM, SPS, PBT, PPO, ABS, PMMA, PA6.66, PP, PE, AS, PA6T, 9T, PA46, PP / EPDM, PA / ABS, PPO / PA, PC / ABS, PC / PBT, PPS / PTFE, POM / PTFE and so on.

Another customer asked for a variety of engineering plastics can be modified, enhanced, flame retardant, will be temperature, dyeing and other processing business. To provide you with the performance, usage and technology consulting services, and for passenger Households in the provision of specialized materials, products and mold design and development and production.

Special for: carbon fiber conductive plastic, a permanent anti-static plastics, molybdenum disulfide wear plastic, anti-UV plastic.

German high-tech quality first, customer first, honest and trustworthy maxim, sincerely welcome new and old customers coming patrons.